About Us

Darman Faraz Kave

Darman Fraz Kave is a clinical diagnostic company ,producing clinical diagnostic kits and hematology solutions for the past 28 years. Manufacturing accurate and easy to use clinical diagnostic kits in Iran has always been one of our big desire in the past. This diagnostic establishment was the result of the above idea. Fortunately we are now in a position not only to fulfill the national needs but to export our products to the neighbor countries.

It is now a great honor for our company to be able to announce that its  quality control  section is one of the best of its kind comparable to any quality control department regardless of its geographical position. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to our most respectful and knowledgeable colleagues  all over the country for their valuable advice, encouragements and criticisms , each of which has acted as stimulation for us to pay more attention to our quality control department.

Over more than two decades we were confronted the same challenges other manufacturers face. The experience enables us to anticipate and overcome roadblocks.