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Urinary Calculi

Calculus Tests Contained In This Kit:
A complete ready-for-use reagent kit for semi-quantitative determination of the most important components of urinary calculi, i.e. uric acid, cystine, phosphate, magnesium, ammonium, calcium and oxalate.

Method:Chemical, Manual

Uric acid is detected by reduction of alkaline phosphotungstate to tungsten blue; cystine by the red color formed in the cyanide-nitroprusside test; phosphate by the blue color formed by reduction of molybdatophosphoric acid to molybdenum blue; magnesium by the red color developed with xylidyl blue; ammonium ions are assayed using Nessler’s reaction. Calcium is measured by titration against Titriplex III; oxalate by the color formed in reacting with iron chloride and sulphosalicylic acid. The various salts of particular ions can then be determined using the specially-calibrated ruler provided.

The excreted stone must be crushed to a homogeneous powder, which is then made in to a solution and used in all subsequent tests.

Reagent 1: Sulphuric Acid Solution                    2 x 11ml
Reagent 2: Sodium Hydroxide Solution              1 x 17ml
Reagent 3: Calcon Carboxylic Acid Solution        1 x 3.5g
Reagent 4: Titriplex III Solution                        1 x 18m
Reagent 5: Borate Buffer Solution                      1 x 18ml
Reagent 6: Iron Cholride Solution                      1 x 12ml
Reagent 7: Sulphosalicylic Acid Solution             1 x 12ml
Reagent 8: Potassium Mercury Iodide Solution    1 x12ml
Reagent 9: Ammonium Molybdate                     1 x 20ml
Reagent 10: Reduction Solution                        1 x 20ml
Reagent 11: Borate Buffer Solution                   1 x 20ml
Reagent 12: Color Reagent                              1 x 20ml
Reagent 13: Molydatophosphoric Acid               1 x 12ml
Reagent 14: Ammonia Solution                        1 x 20ml
Reagent 15: Sodium Sulphite                           1 x 40g
Reagent 16: Sodium Nitroprusside                    1 x 40g
A control sample is also enclosed
Number of Manual Assays:                              80
Catalogue Number:                                        DFK-107